by Path To Misery

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Path To Misery is an ever-evolving, anonymous collection of members and ideals from Pittsburgh, PA. No single set of ideals prevails in this band other than disgust and hatred for the society and culture in which we are all unfortunately engulfed in. Efforts are made to remove oneself from this culture of apathy, depression, and greed while at the same time, trying to expose others to the exploitation and corruption around them.


released July 28, 2008

Recorded by Charlie Bursch.



all rights reserved


Path To Misery Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The innovators of Heavy Metalcore. Active since 2006. Two demos and a full length in our past with a brand new EP (entitled Disarmament) freshly released in 2013.

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Track Name: Cheating Life
Like the roses on their chests on the day they were laid to rest, they shall both start their decay while remaining life continues to pay. what they've kept and what they take still affects the world they have left behind. the restored smiles on their face: a parting gift as they're sealed away in a concrete tomb, in their faceless graves. acres are lost to the dead seas of custom while lives are slipping away due to their feigned attempt at a failing legacy, yet thankfully if we all wait long enough, we dissolve into dust. bring about the end to the distress that you've brought upon this earth. at the end of your days, realize there is nothing left to gain
Track Name: Relentless Persistence
Legions with genocidal intent, seeking to sculpt an illiterate swarm who grovel on their knees pleading for relief from the wave of inquisitions and total spiritual emaciation. I never consented to forced forms of conditioning, yet the umbrella twirled projecting landmines deep into my distant mind's horizon. we emerge from the caverns at dusk, revelling at the tropical mirage which in truth is another measureless chasm branded by the dialect of deceit. they guard the keys of life, and happiness is the first to die, yet their control disintegrates when the lies melt into my hands. I am consciously free in the pathless land, unaffected by the smothering of fragrance and freedom. let the gods cast down contemptible reign upon us all. reduce their laws to nothing ... our only hope for freedom ... our fight will not be lost ... we reduce them to their knees
Track Name: For The Innocent
For the innocent lives that remain enslaved by the hand that will also bring their end ... their deaths will no longer be in vain ... for the innocent lives that remain the victims of a society which is no longer worth its own weight ... this is a declaration of independence from anyone who profits from the death, torture, and corruption of innocent lives ... we will bring their end ... for the innocent
Track Name: Inherent Incapability
The inherent incapability for a man to impose restraint upon the will of another man's path in life remains a fixation to those who seek to create a false illusion of preeminence. under a veil of benevolence their perversion for dominance is put into motion and it truly is a testament to their unwillingness to allow life to take its own course. the inherent incapability to control my existence shall be exposed and I will bring about the end to their undisputed dominance. bring about the end to their inability to accept the fact that no man shall cast his laws upon me. I abide by the laws of none other than my own and I refuse to accept their obsession for oppression
Track Name: Third World War
In our name the death of millions goes unheard without regard while hatred has burned into the hearts of the victims from the third world. in our name, we accept their demise ... we claim our innocence but our silence speaks for the guilt … the guilt that we deserve. years of oppression have led to the aggression pointed at our heads. the violence we support has brought us to our own fucking hell. our ignorance has brought our end as our silence digs the grave ... the grave of the indisposed. their blood is on our hands and their deaths are in the name of a nation silenced by apathy.
Track Name: The Gauntlet
Mystified by anguish, we place the planks in the stockade. magnetized by the death instinct, yearning to be the sniveling wretch slithering up the cathedral walls. swatted, seasoned then sacrificed on the altar of ambition and success ... an exitless gauntlet of denial and dependence ... decorate the rotten template or find another person to swallow. our lives are so much less than we had ever hoped, but it's been such a reclined and cozy ride. mutilating statues of ourselves because living is too intolerable. cowering at the sight of our invention (encased in drywall), internal mirrors bluntly remind us what the truth is. so why should we continue to live entrapped within the gauntlet of misery and blindness when the power to ascend this nightmare is ingrained within roots of life? the exhibits are forever tainted, inaccurate and dated. as we travel through the gift shop, satisfied with emptiness, we have tasted poison ... pleasing the curator
Track Name: The New God
Worshipping at the throne we sound the alarm to secure ourselves. as sinners we beg for salvation, pleading for our lives. we sign away our futures over to the new god. forsaking the rights to our own thoughts, we are truly dead
the persistent fiction of unremitting danger remains in place by erasing any remnant of the thought of subversion as well as any trace of faith within ourselves … we have truly abandoned all hope in the fear of an illusion. the power is transposed while the fear is firmly placed. the snake has shed its skin as we remain locked within its grasp and as before ... we will praise the new god. due to our willingness to accept the imposed significance of the newspeak ... they reinforce as we conform to the false illusion of security
Track Name: An Unending Reign
We always manage to advance all cultural biases ... our disregard to the value of life will only serve as a means to claim our destined place in history as a nation brought to its knees through its ignorance. confines of our domain reject all empathy. “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. fighting the obstructions imposed upon our minds, we take the first step towards the true cessation of war. bloodshed will only meet its end if and when we realize the differences and similarities of the lives in which embody this world ... the lives which possess a worth consistent with our own. we must no longer deny the relevance of cultures that differ from our own. I refuse to remain as a slave to the unending reign of ethnocentrism
Track Name: Victims Of Our Own Device & An Understanding
Like the Romans long before us we have brought about our end. weakened by war and corruption we shall watch our empire fall. we remain clawing at our chains as the wheels keep turning … catching us underneath, the victims of our device. shackled to our seat, distracted by our greed, signs of excessive living a life which cannot sustain ... this life can’t remain