by Path To Misery

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released September 11, 2013

Engineered by Dave Piatek in June of 2013.

Mixed by Dave Piatek in September of 2013.

Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.



all rights reserved


Path To Misery Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The innovators of Heavy Metalcore. Active since 2006. Two demos and a full length in our past with a brand new EP (entitled Disarmament) freshly released in 2013.

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Track Name: Realtors Of The Planet (ft Karl Buechner)
An agenda of hypocrisy
Endless attempts at thievery
The people pushing back
Fighting against the executive order

Dissidents corralled
Into holding cells
While the state deploys
Its implements of war
Slave merchant mercenaries
Armed to the teeth
Their divine rights reinstated
To strip lives of dignity

An amendment to oppose
The formation of tyranny
Forcing those seeking control
To manufacture opportune tragedies

Realtors of the planet
Seeking peasants:
Somnambulists to walk off the cliff

“Contain control to dominate
Contain control to exterminate”

I remain unopposed to the use of deadly force
I remain unopposed to the formation of militias

In direct opposition to those who seek to reign unconstitutionally

Let Freedom Ring With A Shotgun Blast

Those who fail to observe history are destined to become enslaved through the process of disarmament.
And those who fail to acknowledge the right to self-defense deserve to face the realities of this world.
Track Name: Uprooted Exploitation
An apparent weakness, an unmistakable scent of distress
Audacious compensation; degenerates into

No longer serving as a victim. martyr or prey

You would never endeavor to ascend through your own cowardice

As your security hangs by a thread
The illusion of a threat caves in around you
And you are left with nothing but your corroded, blackened badge

The apparition faces itself
Only to realize its transparency
False sanctity crumbles down
As I uproot the exploitation

And if you ever step to me
Prepare for justice
Prepare for total fucking vengeance
And I’m waiting for the day
That you ever fucking dare to cross me

Just another coward
Just a fucking coward to me
You fail on so many fucking levels
Bitch. Are you talking to me? No way punk
Track Name: Unextending Apprehension
Beyond the realm of one’s own horizon

Follow suit to your emotions while denying...

Every sense of rationality.
Honorable concerns filtered for their thirst

A genuine sentiment … an accomplice to their crime

Liberties abandoned. Enslaved as the collar tightens

Dragged by your emphatic neck to the site of their next undertaking

My faith erased
Track Name: Human Cultivation
To maintain restriction ... erase all trace of conviction.

Subversive manipulation through mental annihilation.
Encaged by abusive expectations and
Lured into a social system: a perverted reality.
Psychological prisoner only seeking to aid in the interrogation.

An occasional indulgence in exchange for docility.

Demonstrating false omnipotence to suggest futility ...
propagating distress and despair ... inducing debility.

To maintain restriction ... erase all trace of conviction.

Mental control can only come through cooperation

Suffer alone in silence ... to ensure your full compliance